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Rose fabric for fashion decorate

Making flower, Sewing  |  December 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

Rose fabric for fashion decorate

In this case, was used by a segment of tissue about 5.5 smh1, 25m. Most often made of satin ribbons 5cm wide.

Photo 1-3. Tape put up and inside out by the middle of a scheme formirum.
Photo 4. We fix the middle of a thread.
Photo 5-8. Fold the tape and suture “forward-needle” connect the edge as if in a spiral. Nothing is contractible. How to sew so? Practice has shown (Photo 13) that the flash must be up to the end. If you are using a long ribbon, it is best not to cut a certain length, and extend our sausages as needed.
Photo 9. A seam circles the spiral bands. What we need to gather the rose so that the seam was always at the bottom. To be clear lay the workpiece on the table and pins Pin the tape to the scheme shown in the photo. We will need to bend like a tape, putting down the seam.

Photo 10-15. Then gather a rose, turning slowly, and fixing each tape pinstripe thread. The first time sewing a seam over the previous well, do not delay, but would put too tightly layer by layer. The flower was very private.
Photo 16-17. For the second layers of flowers put weaker, and the bottom of the flower with a little sewing contractible prihvatyvaya of course the previous layers.
Photo 18. Just then see the difference. Left flower is more closed than the right.

19-26 Further, you can decorate the composition leaves. The main thing is that the fabric melted in the fire. Ribbons melt 100% but not all tissues. Used technique Kanzashi, simple acute lobe. Cut a square of 5×5 cm Fold diagonally again, cut off the tip, scorches lighter (Be careful when dealing with fire!), Hold a place singeing forceps, cut the lower part along the top, lightly singe, do not stifle. Done.

Well, the last time their fantasy turn and adding the composition of leaves and flowers, plant based on all grooved and that we are so talented.

All the success!

Source:  Ларисы