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Roping the ball crochet with beads

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making, Other  |  May 17th 2011  |  0 Comment

If you have not a very nice small (1,5-2 cm) ball, you can decorate, tied Crochet with Beads

for example, reimburse Beads 9 / 0 (2,6 mm), thread crochet kyuchkom number 20, Hook, 0,75, ball basics 15 -17 mm
To better indicate where to make additions at knitting, I picked up beads of two primary colors – dark gold and light mixture (beige-white), the description will refer to his dark and light

Now you have to dial the beads on a thread for knitting, it is convenient to make bead with a needle tucked into her loop of thin nylon thread. Segment of the thin thread threaded through the needle ends towards each other. In the formed loop tucked knitting thread. Beads recruited the needle is off by a thin thread, and with her knitting. 

For roping our ball type:

5 dark beads

5 times (1-a temayay + 1-and light)

5 times (1-a dark + 2 nd light)

5 times (1-a dark + 3rd light)

5 times (1-a + 4-dark and light)

20 (1-a dark + 5-ty of light)

5 times (1-a + 4-dark and light)

5 times (1-a dark + 3rd light)

5 times (1-a dark + 2 nd light)

5 times (1-a temayay + 1-and light)

5 dark

begin to crochet with beads, as any burning, with a chain of stitches

throws a loop on the hook, bead pulls, grabs her thread, smuggles in the loop on the hook, and so 5 times

received the first number – pigtail with 5-th bead,

second row – join braid into a ring for this hook, we introduce a loop braids under the first beads, thread grab and pull the loop on the hook, the hook will turn two loops

bead pulls, grabs her thread and smuggles in two loops on hook

so we provyazali first column of the second series,

the second column should provyazat in the same loop

the next picture can be clearly seen to enter the hook (I hope :-)

provyazyvaem in this loop, our second column with beads

and just provyazyvaem on two columns with beads at each successive loop braids under the bead, we obtain a series of 10 beads in a circle, it alternating dark and light beads 5 times (as we typed)

a third row start in the loop provyazyvat pigtails under the light beads (the green arrow at the next photo)

common mistake – trying to tie a thread that extends from the bead (the yellow arrow) into this thread provyazyvayut polustolbiki netolstyh in tow, in our case, so do not need

The following picture shows how provyazyvaetsya first column of the third row, and then in the same loop provyazyvaem another column with beads

under the following (dark) bead provyazyvaem only one column with the beads and was repeated in a circle 5 times (under the light bead two columns, under the dark – one column), obtained a series of 15 beads in a circle

fourth row – a first (light) bead will provyazyvat two columns, under the following two (we are light and dark) – one pillar of obtain a series of 20 beads in a circle

in the fifth row, too, do the addition – from the one-loop provyazyvaem two columns, then in the following three loops – one at the pillar, to obtain a series of 25 beads

In our case, it is easy to track when a series ends, as only between a dark beads not in 4, and 5 bright beads, then the fifth row is connected (this is if we lost count)

and the view from the back side 

sixth row – under the first bead of the previous row provyazyvaem two columns, under the following four, one bar and so 5 times in a circle, we obtain a series of 30 beads

The following three series (7 th, 8 th and 9 th) were binding without the addition, of 30 columns with beads in the circle, we get a “cap”

from the tenth series begin lessening

at this stage must be chosen suitably-sized bead and put it in our ‘hat, I put a bead on the wire pin, not to lose then the hole will continue to knit around the beads of the base

dec I am doing just letting one loop

10-th row – starting provyazyvat not in the first loop of the previous row, and the second (the first just missed), then provyazyvaem four times in a bar in each of the following loop, and again after one jump, etc. before the end of the series, we obtain a series of 25 beads

11-th series – skip one loop, then to a bar in the next three loops, etc. before the end of the series, we obtain a series of 20 beads

12-th row – one loop skipping, During the next two loops on provyazyvaem solbiku, provyazyvaem as 5 times, got 15 beads in a circle

13th row – one loop skips to the next provyazyvaem column, so provyazyvaem 5 times, will be 10 beads in a circle

14-th row – all provyazyvaem last 5 beads through one loop

how to monitor the addition or diminution, if all beads of one color or just a mixture?

then everyone adapts himself as someone more comfortable

I would be strung on a thread after each set piece of paper, so it’s easier not to lose what you have in a row, provyazal series, tore a piece of paper, put a mark against the record number, etc.

if you just schtitat rows and loops in your mind, then perhaps it is easy to lose and add too much or not where it should (I think so, I’m Broken)

if the bead is a pattern, then for additions can be followed by the pattern

still meet the description tied round beads that start with a 6-beads in a circle, or 7 or even 8

number of rows and beads in the circle must korektirovat, guided by its density knitting, thick thread, hook, size of beads, then one rule for all occasions can not be

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