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Romatic gifts with paper crafts: SEW SWEET, PAPER BUTTON EMBELLISHMENTS tutorial

Cards, Making flower, Paper crafts, Sewing  |  September 25th 2011  |  0 Comment

Romatic gifts with paper crafts: SEW SWEET,  PAPER BUTTON EMBELLISHMENTS tutorial

Hi friends! Today I’m excited to share a new free download with you all: Printable Paper Button Embellishments! I created this freebie with Mother’s Day in mind, but the design is definitely not holiday-specific, so I hope you will enjoy them year-round!

To give this printable a playful vibe I hand-painted each button design and then scanned it into my computer to create the finished printable file. I think the effect is really charming, and I hope you’ll like it too.

There are two versions of this printable—one with “button hole” guides and one without. Both can be used to embellish gift packaging, to create garlands, make cupcake toppers, and more. I’m sure you will dream up a ton of great uses for them that I didn’t even think of!

Basic button bow to:

  • Cut out by hand or with a 1.75” circle craft punch.
  • Punch out button holes with a small circular hole punch.
  • Attach to gifts, create garlands, adorn place settings, create cupcake toppers, etc.

Basic gift tag how to:

  • Cut out blank tags by hand or with a 1.75” circle craft punch.
  • Make a single hole at the top of your tags using a standard or small hole punch.
  • String with twine, yarn, or ribbon and attach to your gifts.
  • Alternately you can leave your tags hole-free and attach to cards, gifts, etc. using double-sided tape.

Button cupcake topper how to:

  • Punch out or hand-cut your paper buttons. You will need two buttons per cupcake topper.
  • Adhere a toothpick or wooden skewer to the back of a paper button using tape or glue. Be careful not to cover up button holes with the tape or stick.
  • Once the stick is secured to your button, thread a small length of twine through the button hole so the ends come out the front.
  • Tie twine into a bow and trim ends.
  • For a more finished look, cover up the stick on the backside by attaching another paper button over it with double-sided tape or glue.