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Refashion tutorial: Embellished Gloves tutorial

Green crafts, Repair work  |  September 10th 2011  |  0 Comment

How To: make a pair of Embellished Gloves

It’s that time of the year again! The perfect kind of weather for peacoats, big sweaters and knee high boots. Throw on a scarf and a pair of gloves and you’re good to go. Here in New York, it’s certainly getting chilly…but just because the days are a bit dull doesn’t mean your accessories have to be. Express yourself down the last detail with this simple and easy glove reconstruction.


• Studs (or buttons)…it’s up to you!
• 1 pair of simple gloves *
• Pliers, scissors, needle, thread
• Fray Check – optional


*The gloves in this tutorial were $1 a pair at A.C. Moore. I thought I would need two pairs but ended up only using one!

Step 1. Cut out a small rectangle at the base of each glove. Make sure you FLIP ONE OF THEM OVER, so that they are mirror images of each other! Otherwise you’ll have your embellishments on the wrong side on one of your gloves.

Start off with a small rectangle at first, then cut more if desired. You can always try them on and figure out where you’d like your embellishments.

Step 2. Using the rectangle you just cut out, cut 2 or 3 strips. (If you’d like, sew around the 3 edges of your glove – or use Fray Check – to prevent unwraveling).

Position the strips at either a criss cross (if you have 2) or in a horizontal row (if you have 3).

Step 3. Stud down or sew each button.

Step 4. Trim away any excess thread. Clean up any little issues with a spot of sewing or more Fray Check. And you’re done!

This little DIY can breathe new life into your old/boring gloves. Not to mention ad some “isn’t she crafty” charm to a holiday gift. With the endless button and stud choices out there, you can match this to fit any style.


• Use crystal or pearl buttonsfor a pair of gloves perfect for a holiday party. Match them with slinky gloves in black or red or green – or any bright color.

• Brass or wood buttons will give a more natural, boho look. And don’t forget to pair them with organic fabric gloves, if possible.

• Use two pairs of different colored gloves, and alternate the fabric strips with the other pair to make two pairs that are embellished AND multicolored.

Source: weheartthis.com