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Green crafts, Repair work, Sewing  |  September 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

banana republic braided top DIY…but fail.

inspiration: a top from banana republic
(which i started just liking about a year ago.
i always thought it was too old and boring but now i love that store!
either my style’s changed or i’m now old hahaha)

Sewing patterns

anyway…so this was my inspiration BUT it didn’t end up looking like this.
because? i couldn’t figure out how to do those dang braid things! haha
it looks like just two loop braids but i cannot figure it out!
(unless i make seperate loop for every one of them)
do any of you know how?
so this is my version.  i just stuck with a traditional braid
got a plain light blue shirt
cut 3 strips from the bottom of the shirt since it was extra long
pinned the top and started braiding.  i did it very very loose.
then using liquid stitch(oh how i love thee!), i glued the braids onto the neckline
and there you have it.
(can you tell i despise ironing?)
Source: jaynsarah.blogspot.com