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Refashion and HEARTS for shirt, sewing tutorial

Green crafts, Making flower, Recycle, Sewing  |  October 24th 2011  |  0 Comment

Our town Wal-Mart was in renovation mode this summer so I bought several shirts for a buck a piece.

I used two of those shirts to make this one for Sam; the solid one fit and the flowered one was a size 5 (way too small for Sam).  It didn’t matter since I knew I would use it somehow.

I cut up the flowered shirt…

and cut out as many hearts as I could.

I pinned them onto the solid pink shirt…

and went to town sewing across each heart with contrasting thread. I didn’t bother stopping when I came to the edge of a heart; I just kept  sewing.  I made sure to back stitch each line before and after the stitch.

I like the rawness of the look.

It didn’t matter if the stitches were kinda wonky or uneven…

I even added hearts to the back of the shirt.

Then I cut in-between the stitches.

You can use these 2 tutorials (here and here) for further details on how to do this.

To the sleeves I added the ruffle that was on the neckline of the flowered shirt.

I just cut it in two pieces and sewed them on.

It just seems to complete the look of the shirt.

Refashion and HEARTS for shirt, sewing tutorial