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Refashion: adding ruffles to make rhumba

Sewing  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

Here’s what you need: sewing machine, thread, pins, lip edge ruler, cutter and a pair of outgrewn ruffle pants:

If your little girl is like mine and is to skinny but tall her pants will soon be to short as these red corduroy ruffle pants

To convert them into cute Rhumba pants simply cut off the bottom hem:

Cut a strip of corduroy (or other coordinating fabric) to about 1.5 times the length of the existing ruffles and determine the wide according to your now needed inseam length. Fold down one side to 0.5 inch and press then fold down once more to 0.5 inch and press. Sew this hem in place. Now ruffle this strip with your machine (set tension to highest number and stitch length to longest setting and sew along the edge)

Pin ruffles to raw bottom hem as shown. Sew in place and serge/overcast the raw edges. Top stitch if desired

Her new Rhumba pants are done! Not too practical but a whole lot of fun! :)

Source: whimsycoutureboutique.blogspot.com