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Recyclint t-shirt for braided necklace

Green crafts, Jewelry making, Knotting, Recycle  |  September 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

tutorial – t-shirt necklace

Today’s verse:Today I made a cute necklace AND a tutorial just for you! :D

You need:
An old tee shirt
Glue gun
1. cut out three 18 in + strips of the tee 2 inches thick. Stretch them.
2.glue 3 ends together and braid, finish off by glueing the other 3 ends together.
3.Cut out 2 more longer strips and stretch.
4. Glue the longer strips onto the braid.
5. Cut the tip off. (extra)
6. Wrap two more pieces of tee around the uglyness, I failed and made 1 new ugly end facing out, don’t do this :P
7.Cut a three inch thick piece and wad the ends up and glue together like the pic.

8. Glue the ends together.
9.Glue the end down right in the middle.
10.glue a new strip right on the middle.
11.pull both sides tight and glue. trim ends.

12. Glue the bowand and you’re done!!!Don-don-da!