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Recycling work: Bag from an old sweater

Bags, Green crafts, Needle crafts, Recycle, Sewing  |  May 20th 2011  |  0 Comment
Like this, how would even a classic , handbag of the sweater. This theme is very suitable for those who want to knit a bag, but the tie did not want or can not. Just need to get a old sweater (which, incidentally, can be in second on the weight of buy very cheap, even just with beautiful braids, and designs), and handles for the bag. Oh, and fabric for podklaki.
So, I will enumerate ka everything you need in one list:
  • Sweater (sweater, etc)
  • Tissue sealing (interlining)
  • Lining
  • Handles (sold in department clothing accessories)
  • Sewing machine, thread, needles, safety pins – to taste.

Authorship is known to me.


Cut equal rectangles of sweaters and nonwoven – the size of future sumki.Obrabatyvaem edge, sew side seams and bottom.


That’s just such a seam on the bottom corners, we form the bottom.
Well, with handles all clear …
And we are doing the lining. Who has the shear zig-zag, even to the buttonhole is not necessary.
Put on the front of the bag lining, turned inside out. Pristrochite on a typewriter.
Remove the lining so that it was inside the bag.


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