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Recycling: Wax Pine Cone Christmas Decorations.

Christmas's day, Recycle  |  April 30th 2011  |  0 Comment
Lovely red dipped wax pine cone christmas tree decorations

Recycling: Wax Pine Cone Christmas Decorations.

These pretty pine cone decorations are made by dipping pine cones into melted wax. They are lovely handmade Christmas decorations using natural materials that you can find anywhere. You can use beeswax which gives off a lovely warm honey aroma but we chose to use colorful wax instead. Besides… my Mr T is a crayon-breaker extraordinaire and we have bucket loads of broken crayons just waiting to be upcycled.
To make our pine cone tree decorations, we needed…
my new drill (isn’t it gorgeous?!)
eye screws
broken crayons
pine cones
glass jars

Start by drilling a hole in the bottom of the pine cone with a drill bit that is the size of your eye screws.
Screw the eye screws into the holes.
This is a great activity for a 5 year old. After a lot of hand/eye coordination and concentration, she felt a great sense of achievement when her task was complete.
Now is the time sorting the broken crayons into colors. K is very good at this and even Mr T got the hang of it. We chose blue, green and red for our wax pine cones.
Mr T was especially good at peeling the paper off the crayons.
And then breaking them up into their respective cups.
Crayons sorted, time for melting them…
Transfer each color into a glass jar. Pop the jar, one at at time, into the microwave. Heat on high for 2 minute increments, stirring every 2 minutes, until the wax crayons have melted. Ours took about 5 minutes to melt. Please be careful… the melted wax and the glass jars are very hot… I used my oven gloves to handle the jars.
Holding it by the eye screw, dip your pine cone into the melted wax. Depending on how thick your wax is, you may need to let your pine cone cool for 30 seconds and then dip it again for a thicker coat of color.
Colorful pine cone decorations made from dipping in wax crayons
Place each colorful pine cone on wax paper to cool.
Cut a length of ribbon for hanging and your lovely pine cone decorations are ready for display.
They have such a wonderfully smooth and waxy texture. Both of my children are totally fascinated by them and hold them lovingly. They smell them, rub them against their cheeks, stroke them. I do wonder if they will ever make it onto the tree?
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