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Recycling soda tabs for bracelet

Beading and knotting, Green crafts, Jewelry making, Recycle  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

Pop Tab Bracelet

 My neighborhood doesn’t recycle, annoying I know.  So I save my cans and give them to my sis who turns them in for change.  I pulled off the tabs and wondered what I could make out of them.  After surfin the net, I saw a couple ideas & this is what came from it.
Green & free!
Supplies: 20-25 tabs depending on your wrist size.
Twine, ribbon, string or elastic to hold the tabs together.
{Step 1-4 shown below}
Step 1: Measure 30″ of ribbon.
Step 2: Loop ribbon through center of tab #1.
Step 3: Hold tab #2 UNDER tab #1 with backsides facing each other {the smooth side will be against your wrist so you don’t scratch yourself when you’re wearing it.}
Step 4: Thread cord from tab #1 UNDER tab #2, keeping the top ribbon in the top hole & the bottom ribbon in the bottom hole.
{Step 5-6 shown below}
Step 5: Bring the ribbons back through tab #1, keeping the top ribbon in the top hole still & the bottom ribbon in the bottom hole.
Step 6: Criss cross the ribbons, threading the top ribbon through the bottom hole in tab #3 and threading the bottom ribbon through the top hole in tab #3.
*Repeat this technique until you’re at your desired bracelet length.  When I used elastic I was able to just tie a knot to finish it off.  If you’re using ribbon you can tie it in a big bow at the end on the outside of the new bracelet.*
I hope this makes sense and that I was detailed enough, it can be a bit confusing getting started!
After your new eco-friendly bracelet is complete, change it out with rosettes, flowers, etc.  I saw belts, purses and even a dress made from pop tabs.  So many options!
Source: lollyjaneboutique.com