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Recycling plastic bottles: Lily of plastic bottles tutorial

Green crafts, Making flower, Recycle  |  December 21st 2011  |  0 Comment

кувшинки из бутылок

Recycling plastic bottles: Lily of plastic bottles tutorial


Lily of plastic bottles – made easy and simple, and are obtained simply charming! They can decorate your beach or even an impromptu pond to put in a pond. And most importantly for our walkthrough (14 steps) to be able to make even a child.

We will need:

  • 3 bottles – two – 2n, a – 1,5 l
  • A cap on the bottle
  • Scissors
  • Paint in the can


Step 1. Trim around the bottle like in the picture.

Take the bottle at approximately the same width at the neck, they are different and then can not get involved in the assembly.

Step 2. We have turned the workpiece, from which we will do water lilies.

Step 3. Cut the petals, leaving a small gap between them.

Step 4. Cut the neck of a bottle.

Step 5. Try on – will go down if the lower part of petals on the neck.


Step 6. Gently turn down the petals of water lilies.


Step 7. Repeat the procedure with the second piece ( step 1-6). A third piece (I’ve done it a 1.5 liter bottle), skip to step 5.

Step 8. The assembly sequence of layers


Step 9. Now, on the first blank string neck with long petals, then middle and last with no reflexed petals.

Step 10. Tighten the neck of the bottle cap.


Step 11. Now we need to spread the petals of water lilies.


Step 12. We make serdtsevinku. Cut out the middle part of the bottle and cut into small stripes of about 7-8 cm as the rest of the cut in the picture.


Step 13. Paint serdtsevinki blanks.

Кувшинки из пластиковых бутылок

Кувшинки из пластиковых бутылок

Step 14. Twist the workpiece serdtsevinki and paste it into the neck of the water lilies. You can stick to silicone serdtsevinku or super glue.


Step 15. Paint the lily of the paint cans. Leave the air preferably in the open air, while the paint is no longer “smell.”

Как сделать кувшинку из пластиковой бутылки

кувшинки из бутылок

The leaves, which float on this water lily, I did not do out of the bottle, I plan to make linoleum.
If you want out of the bottle, then when you build them (step 7) put on first.


Read more: http://ideidetsploshad.info/publ/ofrormlenie_detskoj_ploshhadki/iz_brosovogo_materiala/kuvshinki_iz_plastikovykh_butylok_master_klass/8-1-0-258