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Recycling plastic bottle: Cornflowers and daisies from plastic bottles. kids craft ideas

Green crafts, Making flower, Recycle  |  August 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Cornflowers and daisies from plastic bottles tutorial

Here’s a bunch of cornflowers and daisies can be made from simple plastic bottles.

1.For making cornflowers, we need the middle part of the blue plastic bottle.

2.Vyrezan circle with a diameter of 6.5-7 cm

3.Delayu cuts, as shown in the photo.

4.Po edge teeth do.

5.Pridayu petals twisting form by treating them with hot air over the candle flame. It is important to remember that the flame should not touch the workpiece. Work should be done in a well ventilated area.

6.B center piece broach awl (I pierce a dart).

7.Vot such blanks beaters I have turned out.

8.Dlya stems using three-core wire in hard plastic coil.

9.Srednyuyu part of a green plastic bottle slice spiral. The result was a strip approximately 0.5 cm

10. Encircle this band conductor, softening it with hot air over the candle flame.

11. The ends of the wire is freed from the plastic coil.

12. To the bottom of the tightly rolled strip of cornflower, giving it a conical shape, fix Melt.

13.Vyrezayu sepal, process over a candle. pierced in the center.

14. The resulting wear a cone at the end of the wire and fix Melt.

15. Put on a sepal.

16.Zatem two crowns.

17.Tychinki do as follows: Cut a circle out of brown bottles, notched it around, process over a candle.

18.Nadevayu crown of stamens. End of a bend, fixing beaters.

19.V mid-bonded silver beads. using the glue, “Titan.”

20.Dlya making daisy cut out the pattern: a circle of diameter 8 cm.

21. Stenciled in white (from the yogurt), a plastic bottle cut out the circles and make incisions on them as shown in the photo.

22. Round out each petal.

23.Obrabatyvayu each halo over the candle flame. giving it a sinuous form of hot air.

24. Each wreath is pierced in the heart of an awl.

25. To cut a small midway chamomile circles, snick them on the edge, and treated with hot air over a candle.

26.U a ring cut out a triangular segment.

27.Iz green bottle cut out the sepal.

28. Treat them over a candle.

29. Pierce in the center.

30.Na end of the wire put on a sepal.

31.Zatem wear halos.

32.Nadevayu the middle of a bend and the end of the wire.

33.Prikleivayu the middle of a segment with a cut so close to the wire connecting the two cut sides together. Adhesive for bonding using the Melt.

34.Iz paper cut out stencils for the leaves.

35.Po stencil cut out leaves from the middle of the green bottle.

36.Obrabatyvayu their hot air over a candle. Not only treat a cutting of the sheet.

37.Prikreplyayu leaf to the stem, encircling the stem cuttings. To soften the cutting of the sheet over a candle.

38. Job done.

39. And here they are in company with poppies.


Recycling plastic bottle: Cornflowers and daisies from plastic bottles. kids craft ideas