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Recycling paper: Paper Tube Owls

Cards, Green crafts, Paper crafts, Recycle, Scrapbooking  |  October 5th 2011  |  0 Comment

Aren’t they adorable?? I couldn’t resist playing with them myself! In mind were these fun animals by matsutake. I cut the paper towel roll into different sized segments for Emily to paint. I love the bright colors she chose!

While the rolls were drying, we got to work on the scenery. I did the drawings, and she colored an inexpensive file folder (pack of 10 – $1) to make the scenery for the owls. We even did a day time scene and a night time scene.

Once the paint was dry, we folded the top of the tubes as shown to make the ears for the owls.

We added some googly eyes, (or you could draw on some eyes), a beak, and we used some glued-on scraps of fabric for wings.

Allow to dry completely (this was difficult, since Clara could barely keep her hands off of them) and play, play, play!!!

I love how both of the girls enjoy playing with these, and making up all sorts of stories about them!

Have fun!!