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Recycling paper: origami Candy Wrapper chain

Green crafts, Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts  |  September 7th 2011  |  0 Comment


 The Candy Wrapper Chain

Welcome to a new crafty series, Series 4 – The Candy Wrapper Chain
1. Using junk mail, or phone book pages, cut out narrow sheets. Mine are 3-3/4″(9.2 cm) wide (this measurement allows me to get 2 strips from 1 phone book page, but I make all my strips this width for consistency’s sake).
2. Fold a strip in half lengthwise.
3. Unfold the strip, and fold the long edges in so that they meet the center fold. Refold in half lengthwise.
4. Fold all your strips in this way.

5. Mark a strip at increments of 3/8″ (1 cm).
6. Clamp several folded strips together using a clip.
7. Make links by cutting through all the folded strips at the marks you made.
8. You’ll get many many links in no time.
Now you have everything you need to make the chains. Here’s the video tutorial that shows how to do that! It’s surprising how long a chain you can make during an hour-long TV show… Have fun!
Making a Frame
For my first project, I cut a slightly larger than plate-sized circle from one of the months of an old astronomy calendar (could not throw it out… could not). I also cut a similar circle from a pizza box. Then I glued those two circles together.
9. To frame my picture, I took a chain.
10. After placing a plate in the middle of my calendar picture, I applied a bead of white PVA glue around the perimeter of the circle. I then placed my chain on the bead of glue using the plate as a guide to keep the chain along a nicely circular path.
11. I trimmed the chain and inserted the end links into each other and glued them in place.
12. I removed the plate, and voilà, a picture framed!
The “framed” astronomy calendar page will decorate the closet door of the boy’s bedroom. I’ll be making a few more of these to create a unique astral door decoration!

For my next project, I cut a circular ring out of a cracker box, and glued two chains to it.

Making a Rosette
I made a few little rosettes as shown in the following photo. And glued those on my ring…
… creating a sweet telephone page candy wrapper chain wreath!
I can imagine adding a few coats of paint to this wreath and framing a round mirror or a simple clock face with it, can’t you? The possibilities never end, do they?
Well, now I’m off to tend the sick…
Let me begin by saying this:
I lead a sheltered existence.
See, until last Friday, I hadn’t yet heard of the allegedly famous candy wrapper chain. It was only when my artist and blogger friend Cathie a.k.a. Clevelandgirlie was kind enough to enlighten me on the subject, that my whole world opened up to the enormity of these alluring little chains.
You, of course, already know about the chains. And obviously, you know about this guy, Gary Dushl. Of course. He’s the guy who has single-handedly built the longest candy wrapper chain in existence. I would wager it’s the longest handmade THING in existence made by a single human. More than likely, right? I mean, he started in 1965, and he’s still going strong 46 years later, so… yes, probabl-ee. Isn’t that something? Isn’t that 12 and a half miles or roughly 20 km of something? Holy mackerel, I wasn’t even alive when he started. Like, holy mackerel, eh?

And also, you already know how to make the candy wrapper chain. It’s not like it’s new or anything. Right? But just in case you – like me – are also 46 YEARS behind the times, here is a video tutorial that shows you how to make them.
So, I’ve spent a little time since Friday playing catch up. I know. Kinda late. Nevertheless, I’m happy to report that I’ve learned how to make the chains! Yessirree! Except I made mine out of the telephone book because I used up all of my candy wrappers making these.
And, I love them… They are so pretty and useful!
For example, my chains have already doubled as ribbon!
And I’ve made this eclectic flower bow by simply coiling the chain around itself many times…
It looks sort of like an artichoke, or something mildly vegetable-y, don’t you think?
There are people out in the world making wondrous things like bracelets and bags and baskets, and probably intergalactic space vehicles as well, all out of candy wrapper chains. Just google candy wrapper chains, or gum wrapper chains. You’ll see. It’s pretty amazing stuff!
Source: michelemademe.blogspot.com