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Recycling paper: Little Golden Books Shower, Pinwheel Favors

Cards, Green crafts, Kirigami, Making flower, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  September 4th 2011  |  0 Comment

Gift presents for kids: Little Golden Books Shower, Pinwheel Favors

Paper crafts for kids

Since we knew there were going to be a good amount of kids at our Little Golden Books shower, I figured making them their own favors might 1.) make them feel special and more importantly, 2) keep them entertained for a few minutes. Well, I don’t know if they felt special or not but the only reason they were entertained by my cute little handmade pinwheels is because they used them as drumsticks on the trashcans. Oh well.

As you will see, I disassembled a cheap pinwheel (found in the $1 section of Target) to use as my template. Since that dollar section can be hit or miss sometimes, here’s a printable template you can download and print on heavy cardstock off Scribd:

Little Golden Books Pinwheels

- cheap pinwheel or template
- Little Golden Book (preferably thrifted and well-used)
- scissors
- hole punch
- grommet kit
- wood dowel rods
- wood pegs
- drill


1. First we need to make a template for our pinwheels. You can disassemble one you may just have laying around or you can download my template off Scribd.

2. Remove pinwheel from wood or plastic stick and carefully pry off both center grommets. Make sure at least one of your pinwheel panels remains intact and not torn.

3. You should now have a template to use for your Little Golden Books pinwheel. If your plastic panel won’t stay flat, place it between a few layers of fabric and iron it on low. Let cool and then remove.

4. Tear out pages from your LGB, copy template and cut out. Use a hole punch for small circles. You’re going to need six panels for each pinwheel and each LGB page fits four. If you cut through three pages at a time, you’ll have enough panels for two pinwheels.

5. Place six panels on a grommet as shown and hammer in place (read your grommet kit for more detailed instructions).

6. Fold panels over and place on second grommet. Carefully hammer grommet shut.

7. Drill a hole in dowel rod large enough to fit your peg about an inch down.

8. Assemble your Little Golden Book pinwheel, using a mallet to securely place peg in rod. Use a drop of wood glue if peg is not secure enough.

9. (optional) If you want to display your pinwheels to look like a bouquet of sorts, just stick them in a container with a  florist foam block.

Source: gerberadesigns.com