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Recycling paper: How to Fold Nautical Paper Boats

Cards, Green crafts, Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  September 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

Not too long ago, I bought an old atlas containing lots of wonderful pages of maps from around the world. Here’s my first project using pages from that atlas: Nautical Paper Boats on Sticks. Place them in jars for a boy’s birthday party. Tie several together with a ribbon to create an unexpected bouquet for a bon voyage or welcome home gift …

Jenny Doh
How to Fold a Nautical Paper Boat 

First Four Steps Below
Left to Right: TOP ROW

  • Cut or tear a rectangular piece from a map (or other paper). This one measures 3 x 4.5 inches but the size can vary, according to how big or small you want your boat.
  • Fold the paper in half.

Left to Right: BOTTOM ROW

  • Fold the paper in half again to create a center crease and then open.
  • Fold the upper left corner down to center crease.

Paper Boat Tutorial

Next Four Steps Below
Left to Right: Top Row

  • Fold upper right corner down to the center crease.
  • Fold front bottom band up.

Left to Right: Bottom Row

  • Turn over and fold back side bottom band up.
  • Open the piece slightly and tuck the corner of one band under the other band. Do this for both sides.

Paper Boat Tutorial

Next Four Steps Below
Left to Right: Top Row

  • After tucking, completely open the piece and press to make a square.
  • Fold the front corner up at the center.

Left to Right: Bottom Row

  • Turn over and fold the other corner up at the center.
  • Start opening the piece.

Paper Boat Tutorial


Next Three Steps Below
Clockwise from Upper Left

  • Once fully opened, press flat into a square.
  • Pull the left and right sides open to start “giving birth” to the boat.
  • Fully open to reveal the boat and shape.

Paper Boat TutorialBy using different sized rectangles in step 1, you can create boats in varied sizes.
Paper boat tutorial
Once the boats are folded, paint bamboo skewers with white acylic paint and poke them into the boats from the bottom. Cut pieces of book pages to create flags and adhere to the tips of the bamboo skewers.

paper boat tutorial
paper boat tutorial