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Recycling paper: Great christmas gifts

Beading and knotting, Green crafts, Other, Recycle  |  October 3rd 2011  |  0 Comment
Handmade ornaments: Toy on the Christmas tree. Ideas made of Paper
Making Christmas decorations from ... lined cells in which eggs are sold. Yes, here are the most banal gray cells. And, incidentally, make several good, useful and enjoyable at the same time cases.
First of all, what could be better than the long autumn evenings do something with their hands, and even in the company of close friends and children, or alone, that's as you wish.
Second, we significantly reduce the amount of household waste their families, and families to whom we ask not emit the very same cell. Consider the fact that it is "free" stuff that is still thrown away, we are not even going.
Third, we did not just tinker with the wet gray mass, keep the family budget and a little to improve the ecological situation of our planet, but we get as a result of a lot of amusing gizmos that we can dress our Christmas tree and house, just to admire or to give a close and what they are - it's up to your imagination.

Christmas toys from ... lined cells to chicken eggs

So, to the point! 
We will need:
  1. gray cells from eggs
  2. high capacity for soaking cardboard - the pelvis, such as a large saucepan, kitchen combine
  3. PVA glue
  4. paint brush
  5. pins, thick needle, wooden skewers
  6. ribbons tesemochki, beads, pendants and beads for ropes

Christmas toys from ... lined cells to chicken eggs

  1. Cells are breaking into small pieces and soaked in water for several hours or overnight. Then you need to drain the excess water and lay down a gray mass in the pan and cook for about 1.5-2 hours.
  2. Cooked and cooled the cell to properly grind in a food processor, which ultimately will turn cardboard into a homogeneous mass.
  3. Thoroughly wring the material you need to add a small amount of PVA glue, to receive an elastic mass.
  4. Well, now begins work - lepim - You can use the molds (it's easier to give the toy the desired shape and smooth surface, a lot of mold utrambovyvaya) or simply attach the necessary form of hands your future toy.
  5. If we used the molds, then gently take out their products without damaging the edges, and set it aside to dry, which is better to use paper-based - newspaper or cardboard. They are fully dry the next day, the battery faster.
  6. Voila - "cookies" are ready! Please to the table - for further processing.
    First, we paint products in the desired color (works best with acrylic paint can be metallic and pearl effect). It is convenient to paint the toy on a wooden skewer pinhole. Dry the (acrylic dries 10-15 minutes). And then plot the contour patterns of acrylic paint, are especially good with glitter paint, because New Year's same!
    Contour dry longer.
    To make a piece of string, you can:
    a) Make a hole in the process of molding (a thick needle, needle, skewer, etc.)
    b) to insert a pin into the dry toy (this method is especially good for toys, in which the suspension will not bottom, as in toys, houses)
    c) make a hole in the dry toy with a thick needle.
    Cords can be made from colored threads, ribbons, "rain", etc., or of beads, beads, as in our example.

Christmas toys from ... lined cells to chicken eggs

I wish you every success!
Photo:© Queen Irene, creative workshop "ArtMayka"
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