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Recycling paper for kids: Paper Flowers for gifts

Green crafts, Making flower, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  September 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

Paper Flowers tutorial: Lunch Lady Flowers



* 1 funky old cook book you never use anymore
* 1 paper ketchup cup
* 1 muffin liner with edges and center snipped/fringed
* scraps of cookbook paper snipped and fringed (varies widely depending on paper thickness, here I used wide 18” of paper 2” wide + a square for the center)

Cost: Free

Time: 2 minutes if your handy with a glue gun

1.    Dab hot glue on ketchup cup bottom
2.    Wrap a square of book paper to cover the ketchup cup
3.    Insert ketchup cup through the center of muffin wrapper and glue in place
4.    Take excess muffin fringe and fold upward to frame the center of the ketchup cup

5.    Run a bead of glue along your paper fringe and roll the ketchup cup along the rim
6.    Fan out your paper and muffin wrapper fringe
7.    If you plan to string it on a package, punch 2 holes along the bottom rim
8.    Run a ribbon through holes, slap on a box, and ta da!!

Have Fun!

Source: auntpeaches.com