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Recycling paper: fall flower tag tutorial

Cards, Green crafts, Kirigami, Making flower, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  August 31st 2011  |  0 Comment
It’s almost Thanksgiving, and if you’re going to someone else’s house for dinner, maybe you should think about bringing a hostess gift. For example: a jar of homemade jam and a Fall-ish dishcloth. Your host will think you’re so thoughtful! Even if you’re not thoughtful, here’s a cute way to dress up a simple gift: the flower tag. We showed you tons of flowers during Flower Week, but this is one we didn’t have time for. So here you go!
Recycling paper: fall flower tag tutorial

Paper Flower Tag Tutorial

recyling paper

What you’ll need:

*Patterned paper
*Scallop punch or die cut
*Adhesive (I used Tombow’s Mono Multi Glue)
*Stamped or handwritten sentiment

1. Punch or die cut 4 scalloped circles (or other flower shape).

2. Scrunch up your flowers. If needed, spritz them with water to make the scrunching easier.

3. Un-scrunch and fold flowers in half with patterned side on the outside.

4. Layer folded flowers, turning flower 1/4 turn after each addition.

5. Put a dot of glue or adhesive on the back of each petal to hold them all together.

6. Punch another circle out of the same or a coordinating paper. Glue on back to finish the flower nicely.

7. Insert a brad through the center of the flower and open prongs. I used a fabric-covered brad from K&Co.

8. If you want, stamp or print a sentiment and glue it to the flower. That’s it! Now attach it to a ribbon on a jar of jam or around a loaf of bread and everyone will think you’re such a thoughtful guest!

Source: littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com