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Recycling paper: Crafts for home decor

Green crafts, Making flower, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  September 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

(Dorm Room Decorating) For the Walls

This one actually ended up in my craft/ sewing room:

These are the lids from the boxes Cara used for her dorm room. She has the lids hanging like this, and the matching boxes are on shelves, organizing her stuff.

The idea was that box lids were kind of shaped like canvases which totally qualifies them to become art, right?  You get the look of a canvas without spending the money, plus they were lightweight enough to hang from the tack strip on the wall.  That is a good thing, because as I recall from my dormitory days, it is pretty hard to hang things on cinder block walls, and regular picture frames are too heavy for the tack strip.  That leaves the option of posters and sticky tack or bare cinder block walls.  >>shudder<<

These are the boxes we started with…

I went with a black/ white text background.  I cut each page into strips and mod podged it to the top and bottom of my box, gave the whole thing an extra coat of glossy mod podge, and let it dry.

Next I made several accordion flowers by cutting brightly colored magazine pages in half lengthwise, then folding back and forth to make the “accordion”, folding the whole thing in half, and gluing the edges together.

I experimented with trimming some of the circles a bit to get different sizes.  I could also visualize using tissue flowers, or using cardstock or scrapbook paper.  I really like having a little texture on the boxes.

I debated a bit as to how to attach the flowers to the boxes, because I wanted them to be removable.  So, I cut out small circles from a magazine cover using the bottom of a cup as my guide…

…cut out the circles and dabbed some hot glue in the center…

And secured them to the backs of my flowers.

I then just put a piece of double stick tape on the flat sides…

…arranged the flowers on the boxes, and pressed them into place.  The flowers are lightweight enough that they stuck just fine, and I haven’t had any flowers fall off. Best of all, they can be easily removed and put inside the box, along with anything else, for easy transportation and/ or storage.

There are several ways the boxes could be hung; my highly professional method was to string a piece of tightly stretched yarn across the back.  We’ll see how it holds up, but so far so good.

Can I say again that I just love the idea of functional decorations?!  No need to find a box to pack up your decor in; the decor is the box!  It’s a great way to personalize your room.  I thought about making my boxes into a statement about consumerism by using old sales receipts as the background, and pictures of material goods on top, but strangely, the need to be all philosophical seems to have left me since graduating.  Ah well, I can still ponder on the metamorphosis of materials destined for the trash bin into fun and functional decor.

Source: homesweethomebodies.blogspot.com