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Recycling paper: Coffee Filter Roses Tutorial

Green crafts, Making flower, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  August 18th 2011  |  0 Comment

In trying to come up with a project inspired by the Spicy Supply Challenge ~ Using Coffee Filters at Gingersnap Creations, I finally came up with something fun and fairly simple; and I decided to make it a full tutorial with lots of pictures too.  I’m really excited to share this craft tutorial for my Coffee Filter Roses.

Supplies Needed

  • 5-6 Coffee Filters (Unbleached or Bleached)
  • A Stapler
  • Glimmer Mist (I used Coffee Shop)
  • Ribbon or Chenille Stems


Step 1: Get your Coffee Filters and lay them out flat (they won’t stay flat, and that’s OK, just do the best you can).

Coffee Filter Roses Step 1

Step 2: Fold back about a 1″ length of the bottom of all the coffee filters.

Coffee Filter Roses Step 2

Step 3: Folding and flipping a 1″ section as you go, create accordion-like folds all the way to the other end of the coffee filters.

Coffee Filter Roses Step 3

Step 4: Take your Stapler and staple twice in the center of your folded filters. You may also want to attach your ribbon or chenille stem at the center of this now, if you like. You can do it at the end as well, it’s just a bit easier at this step.

Coffee Filter Roses Step 4

Step 5: Starting on one side, carefully pull up the first layer of coffee filter, gently pulling all the way toward the center.

Coffee Filter Roses Step 5

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 with each subsequent coffee filter layer, until the first side is completed.

Coffee Filter Roses Step 6

Step 7: Repeat Steps 5 and 6 on the other side.

Coffee Filter Roses Step 7

I curled the edges of the bottom petals back a bit, along with a couple of other random petals, to make it look more like a rose and more full.

Step 8: If you haven’t already attached your ribbon or chenille stem at the center, do that now. Then you’re ready to spritz the rose with Glimmer Mist.

Glimmer Mist

This step is totally optional. I just thought the rose needed some texture and dimension, which the Glimmer Mist adds. If you don’t have Glimmer Mist, you can create your own color spray. You can mix a metallic acrylic (if you want that shimmer like Glimmer Mist provides) with water and put it in a spray bottle, or use watercolors diluted with water.  Test it on another coffee filter first. Then just spritz around the rose until you’re happy with how it looks and let it dry. Another option would be to use some spray adhesive and then dip the petals in some glitter. There are lots of possibilities.

My finished Coffee Filter Rose looks like this:

Coffee Filter Rose Vintage

I added a gold organdy ribbon to the center of my rose, and added a grungy hangtag, which I stamped with a female image, to the ribbon so this could be used on a gift. I like the unbleached coffee filters because they let me create roses with a vintage feel. But you could just as easily use white coffee filters.

Coffee Filter Rose White

I spritzed this rose with some Tattered Rose Glimmer Mist, which is pink in color and gives it a really nice touch.

These coffee filter roses are so inexpensive and easy to make, and they could be used for so many things: on gift boxes or gift bags, for craft projects, as table decor at a party, as party favors, even as decorations at a wedding reception or shower. And being able to use chenille stems  or ribbon (or even craft wire or picks) gives you different ways to use them as well.
Source: artchickstudio.com