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Recycling newspaper:Napkin holders from old newspapers

Recycle  |  May 5th 2011  |  0 Comment

Here’s what the idea was born, this time in my crazy head I suggest you have another method of disposal of waste paper, namely, unwanted newspapers, this is my first idea in this direction, there is another, but they must also realize, how do you think it is? Yes, yes, it’s napkin!

Салфетница из старых газет.

So, bring to your attention his next master class!

We need the following materials:
-PVA glue;
-Acrylic paint;
Elements decor (I have a satin ribbon and beads)

Get started! First cut the sheet of newspaper into strips of a width of about 10-15 see later, from the corner, twist these strips in the “tube” and fix the free corner of the bottom kleem.Dlya items must be made more rigid tube, I have a small newspaper format because I made them out of a newspaper page! Ducts we need a little bit, their Number will depend on the size of your napkin! “It took me 2 more rigid tubes and about five ordinary.

Now do the bottom of our salfetnitsy.Dlya this cut tube length of 15 sm.Ih need 4 pcs.

Stick together with glue PVA and leave until vysyhaniya.Dlya convenience, I wrapped the entire piece with wire, so as not to hold hands and tubes stuck together better.

When the glue has dried, remove the wire and proceed to the lateral parts! First, cut the tube for the main components that make up ugol.Ih size at your discretion, I-to 14 sm.Skleivaem top each with 2 tubes, also for the convenience of anchoring the wire and Glue on two sides to the bottom detali.Snachala the one hand, and after drying done the same with the other side! “At what each side of these parts glue in the opposite direction!

Next, divide the bottom portion into 4 segments, we obtain 3 metochki, which will be attached the other side tube, the same note on one of the major side detaley.Teper cut the rolls of the necessary size, in 3 pieces for each storony.Ne forget that all ducts should be be parallel to each other, so they will be different razmera.Prikleivaem all the details first on one side and then the other and waiting for complete drying.

Well, the foundation is ready! Left her zadekorirovat “At this point turn imagination and create, as you come up with!” And my version is as follows:

-Paint our napkin with silver acrylic paint, a good prokrashivaya from all sides and do not forget about the details of the joints! ;

-Until the paint dries, cut off a little atldasnoy tape, on the one hand make a bow in the middle of which sew beads;

-Glue-gun (or other more durable than PVA), our bow in the upper right corner of napkin, and the free end of the tape wound around the main part of the side and anchoring the lower side of the bottom of the same glue!

Салфетница из старых газет.

You can of course both sides do the same decor, but I decided to decorate one side because you can turn one side will look as different as can be like this

That’s all you can use! Or you can donate to someone!
Well, does anyone think that this, in my opinion, the original and pretty napkin is made of old newspapers?

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