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Recycling milk bottles: Garden lanterns out of tin cans, craft for kids

Green crafts, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Recycle  |  August 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

I have to post photos to look like candle holders, and now found a detailed master-class with good advice on how to do it. In the most simple work has its own nuances, here as well.

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Recycling milk bottles: Garden lanterns out of tin cans,

craft for kids

Recycling, but in Russian – the art to give a second life to things, subject to recycling, the most popular, most stable and most promising worldwide trend of all: fashion, design, industry, and, of course, the Handmaiden. Alteration in the creative and environment-friendly hands lends itself all that usually goes in the trash. For example, tin cans of canned food. Admit it, you’re a lot of them thrown out? But out of cans can be pretty garden lights, as did Michelle Gervais. Her experience as a  master cluster aa  was published in the magazine Fine Gardening. Sure, experience is useful French Russian woman.

These lights can be used not only in the garden, but also on the country enjoying the outdoors, and the usual urban balcony.

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You will need:

  • A variety of leaves with interesting shapes
  • The sheets of parchment paper
  • Scotch
  • Black marker
  • Cans
  • Sand and Water
  • Towel
  • Hammer and nails
  • Spray paint in the colors of your choice
  • Copper wire
  • “Floating” Candles

3518263_04108705003_sm (172x206, 8Kb) 3518263_04108705004_sm_1 (172x206, 8Kb) 3518263_04108705005_sm (172x206, 7Kb)


Prepare the jars: fill them with sand, add water almost to the top of the jars and place in freezer.Frozen mass of sand and water will give banks the surface elasticity, which is very much needed for punching holes in the walls of banks. Otherwise, the walls can easily be deformed. Water expands when freezing significantly and can greatly inflate the bank, if you use water without sand. Filling jars with sand first and then with water significantly reduces the amount of water in the pot, minimizing the extension.


3518263_04108705007_med250x300 (250x300, 9Kb) 3518263_ddd (256x307, 12Kb)


To prepare the template on which you figure to beat the bank, Collect leaves that will be the size of banks, and will fall to your taste. Do not choose too large leaves, they should fit on one side of the banks that their paths are well discernible when viewed from the front. It is better to make the bank a few leaves on all sides than one large, which would be bad guess. Put on a selected piece of transparent paper (tracing paper) and drag it to the contour of the sheet in black marker. Let the sheet is a lot of details such as veins, you can still knock out only the basic ones. If you want to use any other templates for the knock-out figure on the banks simply print vending outline drawing on the printer and put it on parchment paper.


3518263_04108705009_med250x300_1 (250x300, 15Kb)  3518263_04108705010_med250x300 (250x300, 20Kb)


When the water is completely frozen, remove the jar from the freezer and wrap it tightly with parchment paper with a pattern template. Select exactly the position the template on the bank that suits you. When you find the right position the figure on the bank, secure the paper with adhesive tape. You can glue the edges directly to the walls of banks for better fixation.


3518263_04108705111_med (172x206, 26Kb) 3518263_04108705112_sm1 (172x206, 10Kb)


Put the can on a folded towel, it will soften the blows and protect the work surface. Use a hammer and sharp nail holes are punched along the contour of the figure. You can change the diameter of the nail, depending on what you knock: the contour of the leaves and thick veins – a large nail, thin stem – a thin nail. When completely knock out the picture, make two large holes opposite each other at the top of the banks, close to the edge. Through these openings will slide the wire, for which banks will be hanged.


3518263_04108705113_sm (172x206, 10Kb) 3518263_04108705114_sm (172x206, 13Kb)


When work is completed, remove the parchment paper, place a jar in a bowl and let the water and sand to melt completely. Wash the jar and let it dry well.


3518263_04108705115_med250x300 (250x300, 24Kb)


Paint spray paint on the walls of the lamp inside and out. You can paint the whole jar in one color and paint cans inside can be white paint, it will make light of the candles that will stand inside, somewhat brighter. Allow paint to dry between coats. Paint, incidentally, is not only decorative, but also helps prevent rust, if you make lanterns for the outdoors.


3518263_04108705116_med250x300 (250x300, 14Kb)


If you want to hang a lantern, cut about 60 cm of wire and insert the ends into the holes in the bank that you specially punched for hanging. Secure the ends of the wire. In principle, the lights can be done without hanging and floor standing or desktop, then the wire is not needed. At the bottom of the cans a little sprinkle of sand, about 1-1.5 cm in height. And on the sand, put a “floating” candles (which are in the tin cups.) The sand will prevent the candle holder from overheating, so you can easily remove and replace them when the candle is completely melted and burn down.