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Recycling ideas: Sleepy Owl Hat tutorial

Green crafts, Hats, Recycle, Sewing  |  September 4th 2011  |  0 Comment
In addition to my panda hat I now have a sleepy owl hat, and here’s how I made it…
I started with a Grandad cardigan, which was kindly donated to me by my Grandad as it had a hole in it.
I cut a section from the back of the cardigan, mine measured approximately 40x25cm to fit my head, and folded it in half and folded over the edges
The cardigan I used had suede pockets and strips down the front so I unpicked them and cut them into smaller strips. I tied these into two bundles for the fringey ears on the hat. These could also be made with felt or another kind of fabric.
Because I was sewing the hat inside out, I put the suede strips through the corners of the hat, with most of them on the inside. I then machine sewed the two sides, but had to hand sew through the suede as it is too thick for the sewing machine.
For the facial features I cut the eyes out of felt and the nose and eyelids from more of the suede. I glued these on with UHU glue and stitched around the edges to make sure they were definitely attached.
I then stitched around the eyes with white wool to create that signature owl look.
C’est fini
Now I’m ready for the impending winter.

Source: thecraftartykid.blogspot.com