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Recycling ideas: Cork Keychains tutorial

Green crafts, Recycle  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

Cork Keychains

 Crafts tutorial

Ready for some cork keychains? Of course I always give credit when I see a fun craft. This one came from here- so feel free to check out the original over there!
 Its just as easy as it looks! A friend donated corks to me this summer for my crafting needs, and I had a few old keyrings I pulled from keychains (reuse!). Then all I needed was these:
It took me a few isles in ACE to finally find them. This small pack cost about $1.99 I think? Very cheap for so much fun!
Simply find the middle, screw it into the cork- and you are good to go!
I thought about dabbing a little hot glue in there first, but it held really well! And there you have it! The cork key chain! Great for that hard to buy for person!
Source: threeyearsofdeath.blogspot.com