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Recycling ideas and tutorial:

Green crafts, Recycle, Sewing  |  August 25th 2011  |  0 Comment

From Jeans to Denim Bubble Skirt Tutorial

I hope you’re not tired of refashioned denim because I have one more to share. This idea isn’t new by any means. I mean I’ve turned a pair of pants into a skirt before and I’ve made a bubble skirt as well. I simply combined the two to make a denim bubble skirt. To make things easier for myself and because I admit to forgetting to take pictures of this refashion I’ll be taking info from my bubble skirt tutorial. Before I get started here are few pictures of Isabella in her “new”skirt.


 To make this you’ll need a pair of jeans and some fabric for the bubble skirt lining. First cut the pant legs.
Open the pant leg seams.
Stitch the front and back pieces together to form two long pieces
Cut the two pieces so that the tops and bottoms are straight.
Now measure the bottom of the skirt. My skirt measures 11 inches from side to side. Double this, I get 22 inches, now cut the pant legs so that they are each 22 inches.
Measure the length of the pant length (top to bottom) I get 5 inches and cut two pieces of fabric 1 inch shorter and 4 inches narrower, 4″ x 18″. This will be the lining for the bubble skirt.
Sew the lining pieces together to form a circle. Sew the two pant legs together to form a circle and sew a gathering stitch along the bottom.
Gather the bottom of the pant leg to the bottom of the lining. Make sure to keep right sides together.  Pin and sew. Sorry no pictures of this step so I’ll borrow from my other tutorial.
Now sew a gathering stitch along the top and gather to the bottom of the skirt. I actually first gathered the pant leg to the skirt and then the lining because they are different measurements. Sew pant leg and lining to bottom of skirt. Again no pictures, so I’m borrowing from previous post.
Serge or zigzag stitch and you’re done!
I added this yellow Hello Kitty ribbon as an after thought.

Source: sewambitious.com