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Recycling ideas and tutorial: jewelry making

Beading and knotting, Green crafts, Jewelry making, Recycle  |  September 10th 2011  |  0 Comment

Bracelets DuJour: Tutorial

an Tab Bracelets


We collect Can Tabs at our house. We don’t drink a lot of drinks from cans, but when we do, we try to save them. Our schools collect them for a local Ronald McDonald House.

Today I was at a Hallmark Store shopping for a birthday gift, and I spotted a Can Tab Bracelet for sale. I couldn’t believe it! It occurred to me that I had never made these before but I wondered how hard it could be. NOT HARD AT ALL, apparently.

I made two and I will show them both here. The tutorial is easier to see using the elastic thread, so you’ll see that first.

You will need to cut off about 2 feet of string and 20 to 25 Can Tabs – washed clean.

Take your first Tab and thread the string through the top and bottom holes. I tied it so that it would be easier to manage, making the Can Tab on the end immovable.

Take your second Tab and, keeping the rough side together with the rough side of the first Tab, thread the string through that one.

Then, alternating sides and overlapping (like brickwork), you need to add another Tab. See how I have the lower Tab, rough facing up, and the top Tab (rough down) is sort of off to the side? That is where the next Tab will go.

Place it rough side down next to the top Tab. Then, cross feed the string, like you thread a sneaker. Making an X.

Then you just keep doing it…

I found a random green Can Tab. How cool! I have no idea what it is from…

And then I had some interference…

He really wanted to play! I was holding the Tab chain for a picture.

Then it looks like this:

And this:

Then I made the one with the blue ribbon. Make sure you leave enough ribbon (at LEAST 2 and a half feet) because the ribbon is not stretchy like the elastic string used in the first one.

Source: kitchenfunk.blogspot.com