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Recycling glass for holiday: Tissue Paper Jar Candles tutorial

Green crafts, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Recycle  |  September 17th 2011  |  0 Comment

Tissue Paper Jar Candles

These were so easy and fun to make.  I saw in a magazine (can’t remember the one) where they made these and then cut out jack-o-lantern faces out of construction paper and glued them to the front, so you have little “pumpkin” lights.  I decided to leave mine without the faces.  They look so pretty.
The kids and I love the Eric Carle books.  We read a little bit on his website about how he makes his paintings.  He paints on tissue paper, let’s it dry, and then cuts it out into the shapes that make up the beautiful animals in his books.  Here’s a slideshow from his website: How Eric Carle paints his tissue papers.
That is where I got the idea to paint the tissue papers for these candle jars.

I used water colors.

Let it dry.

Now it’s time for the fun part!  You need some mod podge, an applicator for it, scissors and a few clean jars.
Cut up the tissue paper into strips, squares, or whatever shapes you like.
Paint the jar with the mod podge and stick the tissue paper to it.  You can mod podge all over it, it will dry clear.
Let them dry.  Add other decorations if you want.  You could tie a bead necklace around the top for extra sparkliness.
Put a tea light in your jars and let them shine.  Be careful!  My skinny tall jar gets really hot.
Source: elisaloves.com