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Recycling fork plastic, more ideas

Green crafts, Making toys, Recycle  |  September 11th 2011  |  0 Comment

Fans and a panel of the disposable forks. Ideas and master classes with artists Countries

img_2047 (520x390, 84Kb)

SP_A4207 (500x480, 93Kb)

foto3382 (520x390, 66Kb)

SN852492 (520x390, 74Kb)
img_2058 (520x390, 76Kb)
IMG_6404 (520x390, 70Kb)
IMG_6406 (520x390, 70Kb)

SP_A4117rpp (446x480, 74Kb)
IMG_6817 (520x390, 71Kb)
IMG_6819 (520x390, 88Kb)
IMG_6869 (520x390, 76Kb)
SP_A3652 (360x480, 51Kb)SP_A3655 (360x480, 52Kb)

SP_A3658_2 (360x480, 42Kb)
SP_A3679 (520x390, 68Kb)