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Recycling for kids: crafts tutorial

Green crafts, Making toys, Recycle  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

Kids Craft: Dream Catcher

My niece was having bad dreams for  several days in a row. My sister mentioned it in passing to her daughter’s Preschool Teacher. To her surprise, her daughter came home with a Dream Catcher that she and her teacher made together.
OK, let’s just take a minute to applaud great teachers everywhere!
Oh and I just love that crafting came to the rescue!
Her daughter was so proud of her Dream Catcher that, knock on wood, she has had 3 nightmare free nights since bringing it home.
When I saw how cute it was, I had to make one to show you. I of course left without taking a picture of my niece’s. Lu loved her cousin’s and agreed we had to make one for her room ASAP!
Supplies: Paper Plate, Scissors, Paint, Yarn, Feathers, Beads, Hole Punch
Optional: Stickers or Markers
Cut hole using plate indent as guide. Punch holes around inside edge. Paint.
While plate is drying, tie yarn to feather. Make several knots to act as a stopper for the beads. You will need 3 feather strings. Tip: roll a piece of tape around top of yarn, like an aglet on a shoelace.  This helps young kids slide the beads on.


This took awhile because we had to sort through the beads for the perfect beads. Our paint was dry by the time we were done. You may need to wait longer or overnight. Also, the thicker the paint you use the longer it takes to dry.
Randomly string your yarn through the holes. Add a few beads for extra decoration as you go. My 4 year old needed help with this step. Decorate with stickers if you want.