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Recycling for home decor: Sunburst Mirror tutorial

Green crafts, Home and garden, Home decor, Recycle  |  September 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment


Tutorial – Sunburst Mirror

Cardboard… already had. 1. I’m just showing you the placemat
2. Cut all strings on the top. Cut down the first plank that the strings aren’t glued to.
3. Pull the plank off.
4. Cut the bottom strings.
5. Cut the big glued chunk of wood off and throw it away.
6. Pull the wood just like the picture.
7. Pull toward yourself and put the planks in a pile. Continue all the way down.
8. That’s my pile :D

9. Save these for later, ’cause crafters keep everything :P
10.trace your mirror and cut the circle out about a 1/4 inch smaller than your line all around.

11. Mark the middle and use a protractor to make a cross …. clearly I was too lazy to use the protractor at first and I *might* have failed many more times on the back. Just maybe.
12. Glue two large planks on your lines.

13. Repeat 12 on the other side. Why didn’t I just show you both steps at once?? I’m not sure.
14.Glue 4 more planks on. (all of these have been whole planks so far.)
15. Cut 4 planks in half and glue them on close to the edge.
16. Cut some (I didn’t count, sorry!) planks into 3/4′s. I just cut on the dent closest to the end. Keep your other 1/4 planks for some other craft :P
17. (not shown) Glue a dowel between each plank.
(if you are going to paint your mirror do it now. If you want a stain looking paint job, water your paint down. I used acrylic paint… alot of it. If you are planning on painting it non stain like, make 3+ times as much paint as you think you are going to need.)
18. Lay your mirror face down. Hold the “nice” side of the sunburst in your hand. Quickly hot glue all around the edge of the “ugly” side of the sunburst and lay it on the mirror. Doing it like this allows you to center the mirror, trust me. I glued the mirror on 3 different times because I didn’t know how.
Glue a hanger on the back of your new sunburst mirror. Can you tell i like hot glue?!?! I’m not sure if it was a plate hanger or what, I just think of it as monster teeth (do you know what I’m talking about now?).
Hang your mirror and enjoy!