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Recycling for Halloween: Mason Jar Luminaries

Green crafts, Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Recycle  |  September 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

Holiday crafts for kids

Mason Jars (any size); Mod Podge; Paint Brushes; Tissue Paper; Tempera Paint; Black Cardstock
Our Sample piece
Start by brushing on some Mod Podge on the inside of your Mason Jar, one section at a time,
and adding your strips of tissue paper
Some little boys like to put the strips on the outside,
but that’s okay (not really, but we can pretend it’s okay right?)
 If you’re having trouble getting the tissue down in the crevices, use the end of your paintbrush
 Also, if the tissue paper is not lying down and sticking completely, add a very thin coat of Mod Podge on top
Once the inside is complete, cut out your black card stock in your desired shapes and Mod Podge them on
Then paint the rim of the jar any color you wish, and let your little guy dry for a couple of hours.  That’s it!
Line up your happy little jars on your windowsill and light a votive candle inside each one

Source: fourflightsoffancy.blogspot.com