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Recycling for fall:

Green crafts, Knotting, Recycle, Scarves  |  September 19th 2011  |  0 Comment
1. Start with two {size medium I think} plain t-shirts, in very good condition. You can use knit fabric, but I didn’t have enough handy, so I used t-shirts.. worked just fine!


2. Cut of the sleeves and cut down the middle and sides, so you have four pieces of fabric. 
3. Take two of the pieces above and sew them {right sides together} to make on large strip.
(sorry I switched to orange here for the tutorial… but you follow the same steps for each color)
4. Fold over {right sides together!}
5. Sew down the sides, making a tube.
6. Turn right side out!

7. Repeat steps 1 – 6 with the other t-shirt.
So far you should have two tubes of fabric like this:
This is about the part that I had to get really creative to do the braid. So bear with me as I create this “braid” in a very non-professional way. ;)
8. Take a random strip of fabric and tie the ends of the two tubes together {don’t freak out… this will create a circle so that we can create the “braid”}
9. Set your pieces up how you see them in the picture right below. {make sure your ties are at the very end}
Apparently, my brother says this is a square knot. I looked it up:) it’s KIND OF like a square knot… But we’ll just going to call it a square knot.
10.: (follow the picture sequence below)


You may have to read this a few times and study the picture below… but don’t give up! It can be a little confusing
11. There’s two ways I can explain this.
The 1st way: Take the ORANGE knot {on the right}. It should be on the bottom. Bring it up and through the middle of the gray fabric.
Now, Bring the GRAY knot {the left}, and bring it down and through the orange fabric. {sorry the picture doesn’t show the gray part well} 
Or simply….
Tie another “square knot”, so it’s a double square knot.
13. Once you pull it tight you should end up with something like this:


14. Untie the ties at the end.

15. Fold over and iron the gray tube so it has a nice edge.
16. Tuck the orange tube inside the gray tube.
17. Sew.


18. Repeat steps 15-17 with the remaining tubes.


PHEW! Did you make it? It’s a little more difficult tutorial, but it is SO worth it, I mean, you now have a super cute scarf for a fraction of the cost it would take to buy one. :)