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Recycling buttons and necklace

Green crafts, Jewelry making, Recycle  |  September 21st 2011  |  0 Comment

Button Necklaces

My mom gives me all her old craft supplies when she is over whatever new trendy project she bought them for at the time.
Fine with me!
One of the latest batches yielded me a BUNCH of buttons and I wanted to think of something to use them for before the husband threatened to throw them out. So, I thought maybe necklaces would be fun, I didn’t want the whole thing to be buttons so I just strung them on a wire and then used chain for the rest of the length of the necklace.
Here is what I came up with, I am thinking of adding a bow or fabric flower to one end for fun, still playing with that idea though.
Click “Read More” for the tutorial!

First I gathered my pliers, buttons and wire.
I poured all my buttons in a big bowl to make it easier to look through them for the colors I wanted.
For the first button I put it through one hole and then back through the other hole, if it is a 4 hold button I would do two that are diagonal from each other.
Then I twisted the end around longer piece of wire, I wanted to keep it as thin as possible.
Because it is thin, I am still able to continue threading the buttons on right over that part of the wire.
Keep threading your buttons until you get to the length you are looking for, I just chose a bunch in the color scheme I was going for and added them on completely randomly. You will want to leave yourself some room on the end, about an inch and a half.
Then take one last button, and put it on like the others and then put it back through.
This time, I twisted  the tail piece up tight near the last button because it can’t easily be put back through all the holes like the first piece.
This part is done!
Then I just got some chain and cut it to the length I needed and used the pliers to open up the end links and attach them to the wire at the ends of the buttons.
I made a bunch of these in not to much time and I love the way they came out!