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Recycling and jewelry: A spoonful of flowers necklace Tutorial

Beading and knotting, Green crafts, Jewelry making, Recycle  |  September 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

A spoonful of flowers necklace Tutorial

 Jewelry making

Its been quite some time since I made a tutorial. With my teaching and writing assignments tripling…I have been going a little crazy…but finally I have found some time to post this tutorial that I made long ago and completely forgot about…(Yah thats me !! ;) It is the Spoonful of flowers necklace, That I made for the creativity expo contest, conducted by whole port.
This is a basic upcycling project which you can make with very few things.
- A spoon (I used a basic old stainless steel spoon)
- Paper – depending on the spoon size
- 6″ white lace – width 1/4 t o1/2″
- A couple of rhine stones or half pearls
- Mod podge or glue n gloss
- Diamond glaze
- silver bead chain
- Pliers

1) Pick up an old spoon and with pliers, go forward and backward around 3/4″ from the joint. The spoon will break by itself. Now take a sturdy pliers (I recommend using a cheap bulky nose plier) to bend the extra to the back and create a small loop. If your spoon is very brittle, then it might crack here. Then I suggest annealing it. Just hold the spoon with the plier and show it in naked flame for about 5 minutes. This will soften the metal. Put it in water and then try bending it.

2) Trace the outline of the spoon on the chosen paper. I took a little extra because of the doom in my spoon.Seal the paper with mod podge and stick it to the spoon. Ease out any creases or bubbles. It should be a clean fit

3) If you want to add any rhinestones or half pearls do it at this stage for you wouldnt want to stick them on the glaze . Let it dry for sometime


4) Add the diamond glaze and keep it in a dust free environment to dry.

5) The next step is to add the bow. This is optional but I wanted to hide the loop part where the paper ends and this seemed like the perfect solution. I used a 1/2″ wide ribbon and tied it into a bow. I glued it to the spoon at the front and back (behind the knots) as I was making the bow. This is what keeps the bow from coming off. I stitched the bow at the front, because my knot was looking too bulky and I didnt like the look. You can do it either way.

6) Finish it by gluing a rhinestone to the bow and dangle the pendant from a ball chain.Its done!! wear it around and have lotsa fun :) :)




Source: jewelsofsayuri.blogspot.com