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Recycling and Crafts for summer: Sewing cap for kids

Green crafts, Hats, Recycle, Sewing  |  July 12th 2012  |  0 Comment


I have three small kids, all of which got my sensitive (to light) blue eyes.  I can barely look at the sky on even a cloudy day without my eyes watering.  The boys love baseball caps (although I do mention steps for altering this project for boys!!), but they get expensive and girl’s are harder to find with the added challenge of coordinating with the outfit…. everything is harder when your a girl right?  Anyway, I’m a little obsessed with yellow right now, it makes me happy, so when given the chance I jumped on the color.

A hunt through my fabric stash and I found an old t-shirt that didn’t flatter me any longer, don’t rule out your old clothes when hunting for fabric!  So here is the t-shirt I started with-..

Recycling and Crafts for summer: Sewing cap for kids

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