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Recycle soda tabs

Beading and knotting, Green crafts, Jewelry making, Recycle  |  July 1st 2011  |  0 Comment

Needed: - Aluminum tabs of different sizes: from beer (about 100 pcs.) and of cat food (10 pcs. or more). If there are no active beer drinkers, you can collect the labels in the city or in the woods.

- Copper wire or another: a thick (1-2 mm) for framing and connection details to a fine. - kruglogubtsy, pliers, tonkogubtsy to work with wire, or at least a pair of scissors - colorful plastic or glass beads, big beads. 1. Put on the table a paper on it spread out the tabs in the form of fish. To move, choose the best option. 2. Stroke outline on paper spread out around the tabs 3. Remove labels. The shape of the contour to bend thick wire, thin wire lock. 4. Attach to the contour of a piece of thin wire, easy to use (half a meter) and fill contour labels, sewing them to the circuit by connecting together and decorating beads. As the end of the wire to attach the new one. 5. Eye of the beads or collect tabs stacked flower 6. when filled the trunk, put on paper and design the fins. You can cut around the back and bend the frame on it. We outline goes to the upper fin and on the line where the gills with a loop for attaching eyes. The framework for the fins and attached to the main product is a thin wire and filled with tags and beads. Frame stiffness gives the product 7. Fish is done!


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