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Quilting Tulips bloom

Quilting, Sewing  |  February 1st 2012  |  0 Comment

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Tulips bloom in early winter.
All normal people meet winter. Blog now and then Christmas and New Year’s flashes paraphernalia, and I have double flowers bloom glamorous! But not my fault! It seduced me! Zlata in his blog showed us a napkin and offered to sew. Well, I’m weak Well, immediately and responded to, and this unit has long wanted to try.)) Although not very fond of sewing on the paper. I think this method is nice, but morochlivym. Zlata we suggested pattern. I opened the floor on a sheet of A4. And the size of napkins ready-60cm turned on the wide side.
Over the tissue with rosettes, which went on rim, I “sighed” for quite some time, not knowing where to apply exactly 21 cm in standard U.S. width. 110cm, who did not znaet.Poetomu where after sewing some fabric napkins left with roses, I’m the other had not occurred, as to put the remains in tack. Well, let it be set! Fabric with roses went ALL cleaned)) hardly lacked for places in the gloves, but came up there to put the pink triangles companion
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1 (700x479, 217Kb)