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Quilting Autumn Flowers for home

Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Quilting, Sewing  |  August 1st 2012  |  0 Comment

Quilting Autumn Flowers for home
1 (700x387, 127Kb)
The block is sewn from squares, large and small.

2 (700x421, 161Kb)
The sharp edges of petals are obtained in this way.

3 (606x600, 270Kb)

4 (639x600, 294Kb)

5 (592x600, 263Kb)
Чтобы не запутаться, я разложила ” пазлы”)) по схеме, потом сшивала по два квадратика, и только потом квадраты собраны в полотно.

6 (700x462, 129Kb)
To avoid confusion, I laid out the “puzzle”)) scheme, and then sewn together with two squares, and then gathered in the squares of cloth.
7 (700x525, 171Kb)
  Block 1
20pcs-speckled, 16 orange, 28 green.
20 colorful, 16 orange, 12 green

Block 2
20 orange, 16-mottled green 28
20 orange, 16 colorful, 12-green.

Inside nakidushek a “sandwich”-sintepon200 holstoproshivnoe and canvas. Obtained by the soft, fluffy blankets.

8 (700x525, 130Kb)

Stitch on the lush sintepon, deep grooves, added the petals bending.
9 (700x525, 213Kb)
Next, I used to sew a long strip of wide around the perimeter of the block. Sutured to the width of the bands. Thus we get the wrong side.
10 (638x600, 220Kb)
11 (525x700, 217Kb)
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