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Quilling paper with number one: quilling tutorial

Cards, Paper crafts, Quilling paper  |  September 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment


Quilling paper with number one: quilling tutorial

Paper quilling by Khali from Little. Lovely.

You’ll need:
*Quilling paper
*Quilling tool
*PVA glue
*Coloured paper
*Plain paper or blank card


Step one:
Cut out your number from coloured paper and glue to the front of your card or sheet of plain paper.
Step two:
Create a quilling design to cover your number. The two basic designs used for quilling are coils and scrolls that can be made either loose or tight to create different effects. These designs can be bent or creased to create other shapes. You can find detailed instructions for creating different shapes here. Remember to glue your shape together with glue to prevent it from unrolling.
Step three:
Use glue to attach your design to your number and allow to dry.
Step four:
Frame as we did, or place card in an envelope to give to someone special.