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Quilling paper tutorial

Cutting paper, Paper crafts, Quilling paper  |  May 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

Special paper for kvillinga can buy in the shops for handicrafts, or make their own blanks. The most important thing is the density of paper. It should be at the very least 60 grams per square meter (usually this information is indicated on the packaging) otherwise it will not curl up neatly and keep in shape.

And now the fun part. How could all still got such a wonderful job. It turns out everything is quite simple. The principle of creating masterpieces out of paper: to wind the strip of paper to the rod sewing (you can use a simple toothpick) to fix the end of the strip with glue, and then creates a form of flower petals drop, or some other. There kvilling scheme by which you can create a particular pattern of stripes.

Technology kvillinga

Take a strip of paper between two fingers.

Pull the end of the strip with a push of two fingers of the other hand, spending on it with a fingernail so that the end slightly bent.

Curved tip of the lighter winds at awl. Tightly screw the few vitkov.Zagnuty tip easily wound on an awl. Tightly clocked a few turns.

When the diameter of the roller will be 3-4 mm, it is possible to remove the awl and continue to turn by hand

Twist tight drive with two hands, all the while grabbing his fingers, so that tape is not dissolved.

The entire strip of folded

Now relax your fingers slightly, allowing the paper spiral little blossom.

Glue the end of the strip of glue PVA

Now squeeze the workpiece between two fingers. The result was a blank “drop”.

Harvesting can be given a variety of forms, performing compression and dents.

This piece “drop” and “petal”.

Apart from these two figures there is still a number of basic forms of curling strips of paper:


Tight spiral. Twist the tape and glue the tip without removing the coil from the tip to the tape does not unwind.

Free spiral. Twist the tape, remove the coil from the needle and before the end of the stick, let it unwind.

Curved drop . Make the drop and bend her corner.

Eye. Make a free spiral and squeeze opposite sides, giving it a proper form

Semicircle. Take the free helix, squeeze two corners so that one side of the piece was flat, and another – rounded.

Bird’s foot. Make a free spiral shrink the triangle two bend the corner in the direction of the third and strongly push.

Sheet . Make a loose spiral, compress it in the eye and bend corners.

Triangle. Make a free spiral and squeeze it in three places.

Arrow. Make a free spiral shrink it so as to form a triangle, and press two of its corners to each other.

Cone. Screw tight spiral in the form of a cone, glue the end of the tape, dry billets, and only then remove the needle.

Crescent . Make a loose spiral, and squeeze the corners of the bend part.

Rhombus . Make eyes and squeeze the corners, to get the diamond.

And yet


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