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Quilling flower tutorial

Cutting paper, Paper crafts, Quilling paper  |  May 12th 2011  |  0 Comment


For the work you need two-sided colored paper, PVA glue, cardboard – as a backdrop for creating greeting cards and a couple of toothpicks.

The easiest item kvillinga – it spirals to its production is necessary to wind a strip of colored paper width of ,5-0, 7 cm and a length of 25 cm, and then remove it with a toothpick, a bit to dissolve the glue and the edge of the paper with glue. Spirals ready, it is the basis for making other items.




Spiral clamp done from an ordinary spiral by tightening her fingers on one hand. Spiral with a clip can be used as a petal or a leaf for the future of the flower.
If you hold down a spiral on both sides – will keel , which can also be used as a leaf. And if on the one hand spirals tighten, and the other to bend inwards – you will get a heart .
When all items are ready to form from them a premeditated composition and glue PVA glue to the cardboard base, as a framework can also be used velvet paper, looks like a hack more effective.

Here is a simple kvilling master class, I hope it will help you learn the basics of quilling


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