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Quilling art : Quilled Princess Card and Simple Pop up Cake

Cards, Paper crafts, Quilling paper  |  September 29th 2011  |  1 Comment

Quilled Princess Card

Quilling art : Quilled Princess Card and Simple Pop up Cake

Though I do a lot of crafting with my 5 year old daughter I haven’t really let her quill much.Recently I thought we would quill together!

Quilling with kids

We decided to make a Princess in the garden card! Its a kiddy type card and I kept it fairly simple so that my little helper could help to stick the quilled flowers.Here is my Kiddo planning the card.

Quilling with Kids

She has very definite views on how to embellish a card and most of the times her ideas are awesome!

Quilled Princess Card

A tip if you want to let young kids quill- let them make tight coils or the green bottoms of the flowers like we have made here- then the imperfections dont show and it will still look lovely.

Quilled Flowers

Oh this is my first card with stamping too! Used stamps won in dear blogger friend Jessica’s giveaway.

Quilling and Stamping

This is a closeup of our quilled Princess. All little girls love Princesses and mine of course wanted a pink one!When I made the quilled princess I didn’t have pink quilling strips so had to hand-cut the strips hence do forgive the imperfections.

Quilled Princess

Here is how we made our quilled Princess. There are a lot of quilling pros out there and I am just sharing  our simple quilled girl for the benefit of the “non-experts”! The face and body are loose coils.We made the skirt with 3 tear drops and added inverted hearts for the border of the quilled girls skirt.

Quilled Princess

To give the skirt volume and an added 3 D effect we added 2 large hearts and a small heart for a 2nd layer.

Quilled Princess

On top of the 2nd layer of the skirt we added a single heart and added pearls to glamorize our Princess’s ball gown!

Quilled Princess

The eyes,nose and mouth of our Quilled Princess were drawn with glitter glue.I used tiny bindis for the gems on the crown. For the benefit of my non-Indian readers, bindis are stickers popularly used by Indian women to adorn the forehead and they come in a fantastic range of different sizes and shapes.

Quilled Card

As my blogger friends know I love to add an interactive element. Nothing elaborate this time just a simple pop up cake to celebrate a little Princess’s birthday.

Pop up card Birthday Cake

Here is the link to the Tutorial for the pop up cake card .

Pop up card Cake

As always do leave me your comments on what you think about our quilled card and pop up cake.I know it has a lot of imperfections and I almost didnt post it then I thought –let it be! So do be kind!!