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Quilling art for decor

Home decor, Paper crafts, Quilling paper  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

Paper crafts


Let’s get started!


Materials that you will need:
-1 large roll postal/craft paper from your home improvement store. Any heavy weight paper will do!
-ruler and/or sturdy straight edge
-scissors (exacto knife or rotary blade work great too!)
-double stick tape (I prefer the above pictured tape found at any home improvement store. It’s extremely sticky and has a very strong hold!)
 First, you will want to unroll your paper and lay it out on a flat surface. Using your ruler, mark your paper every 4″ all the way across your paper. Move your ruler up and keep marking as you go. I marked up to 6′ on the roll. Once your measurements have been marked, go back and connect the marks with lines. These will be your guides for cutting.
Using your scissors or knife, cut your paper on the lines to create several single strips of paper. Be sure to place something under your paper if you are using a knife or rotary blade so that you do not cut up your floors!
Now take 1 of your strips and fold a piece of tape over the top of it. Punch a hole in the middle and attach a piece of string to it. The tape will secure the hole and keep it from ripping through. Use a pin to hang your strip of paper.
Hang your strip of paper to the ceiling and measure how long you need it and trim accordingly.


Tip: Take your double stick tape and cut several pieces off and set them aside for easy access! This will speed up the process and make things run a lot smoother!
Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Use your remaining strips of paper and some serious brain cells to create shapes and designs to attach to your strip. Use a series of folds, creases, bends and curls to come up with some fun shapes! There is no wrong way to do it! Make sure you have some small shapes and some large ones to give it dimension.


Use your pieces of double stick tape to hold down your designed shapes as you go. (the tape is not really pink! It’s just the release liner!)


Once you have come up with a good shape, cut it from the rest of the roll.
Here are some examples that I did that you can use! These were made with one single piece of paper using a series of folds and loops and a little tape to hold them in place.
You can begin to add your pieces to the hanging strip of paper. Use your tape to attach them to not only to the strip of paper, but to each other. Work from either the bottom up or from the top, down.


Keep adding pieces on top of each other, taping as you go.
Add more and if you need to fill in some gaps, just go for it!
 Add as many as you want and make it as full as you want until you get to the end of your strip and finish it off.


It may take a few hours, a few breaks and a few chocolate treats to get you by, but the end result is worth all your hard work!
So how did you do?


 Now hang them in your favorite room and sit back and enjoy! It fun to watch them spin around in the breeze because they are so dang pretty from each angle!


Source: positivelysplendid.com