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Other crafts, Painting  |  June 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

painting technique in “Point-to-point”. Plate “Butterfly.”

That is, find another ‘The Lost “MK in a computer! We must get out more often!


For a list of such plates, we need the contours of the ceramic, a transparent gel with 3D-effect, a black glass plate. Plate should be washed and free of grease.

1. Begin to put the series of small dots outline. Points are located close to each other, almost touching the edges.

2. Favorite portable drawing on film, cut out, puts at the center of a plate and put the loop “turning” points, marking the outline. Dotted lines outline the picture completely.

3. Mark up on the edge of the rim plate – put the point in the future based on triangles and their vertices. We try to maintain approximately the same distance between the elements. Markings on the finished paint pattern, filling the empty space in rows of different colors.

4. Gradually begin to sketch the whole skirting plates

5. Now you can go to the main decoration of dishes – the butterfly. Make a layout of the wings and body.

6. Begin to paint the wings, filling them with closely spaced rows of dots. Choose its color with a smooth transition from one color to another. Butterfly sketch completely, alternating with rows of golden sections of the bright spots. Give contours to dry.

7. 3D-gel inflict large drops on the bright spots on the wings and a few small drops in the background. Write in a horizontal position for a day, the gel dries up and becomes transparent, giving the amount of the drawing.

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