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Presents birthday with pigs

Amirugumi, Crochet, Needle crafts  |  June 17th 2011  |  0 Comment

small knitted piglet

We need the following materials:
- Yarn x / b, wool or acrylic (about 400g/100m) – pink, beige or other suitable color to skin a pig, as well as other colors – for pants.
- Hook
- Needle for yarn
- Filler
- 2 beads for eyes
- A thread of black mascara

The order of

1 row. ringlet on the four ce tie 12 st.b / NAC.
2 and 3 series. knit two rows of columns b / NAC. This will be the snout.
Row 4. Next row – knit of each loop of two Art. b / NAC to go to the muzzle.
Row 5. Then knit one row of columns b / NAC, making allowances in every third loop.
6 series. The next row, we must take out his cheeks. They will be located almost on par with the snout, about one or two loops of lower height. About their schedule a location and of these five loops vyvyazhite st.b / NAC, near the chin, not add more loops, and in the faces uniformly add another three or four times.
7, 8 series. knit without changing the number of loops two rows.
9, 10 series. Now start diminish the number of loops. We start with the cheeks. In the area of the cheeks, along with two provyazyvaem st.b / NAC, also in the faces we do three or four loops dec. On the chin again, yet nothing is changing.
11, 12 series. Bates loops evenly 3-4 loop.
13 and the subsequent series. Here you need to do more subtraction to close the back of the head, giving it a rounded shape. When left uncovered 5.7 loops gently fill your head filler, particularly drawing attention to the snout and cheeks. There filler can fill a little tighter with a hook. After the finalization of all closed loops, fasten the end of the thread, cut and hide inside, dragging it through the head hook.

Getting knit ear directly on his head. Select a number on the head, located above the rest, slide the thread into a loop, located above the cheeks for 2-3 loop and knit 8 st.b / NAC on the top row of the head. Turn your head and knit in the opposite direction st.b 7 / NAC. Rotate – knit 6 columns. And so on, until there is a loop. Then, without cutting the thread, tie eyelet on the inner edge to the middle of the head sc. One ear is ready.
Next knit row on the top of the head two or three loops to get the distance between the ears, and provyazyvaem 8 sc – is the foundation of second eye. Pivoted – 7 sc, and so on, repeating the action with the first eye. When will a loop – ear binds to the inner edge of the bars b / NAC, fasten the thread end to hide.

Begin to knit the body of a different color thread (to get her panties) with a ring of four loops. Binds its 12th station. b / NAC, and then knit, evenly adding to each row so that the circle has a diameter of about 4-5 cm further provyazyvaem 3-4 rows of increases without, and then begin to diminish after every 8 sts. 4-5 rows on the main thread of change and Tie, still subtracting loops 7-8 loops until there is a hole of 8-10 loops. Cut yarn, leaving end about 15 cm body Tamp filling and sew her head to him the remaining end of the thread.

Ring of 4 ce tie 11 st.b / NAC, knit rows st.b 7.6 / NAC, and cut the thread, leaving the end of the ca. Link 15 cm so the two parts. Fill handle stuff and sew them hiding a seam on the sides of the body, using the left end of the thread. End of hide that have been completed through the body with a hook, cut off the excess.

Ring of 4 ce tie 12 st.b / NAC, knit rows st.b 5.6 / NAC, and cut the thread, leaving the end of the ca. Link 15 cm so the two parts. Stuff stuff and sew the legs of a hidden seam in front of the body as if sitting pig.

Near ass attach main color yarn and tie a chain of 16 ce tight enough. In the opposite direction knit series st.b / NAC. Trying to make them looser than the first series. This is to ensure that the tail is twisted. Lock the thread and hide the end, sell it through the body.


Make eyelashes on the face, sew beads as eyes.


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