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Postcard handmade for gift: tutorial

Cards, Clay, Other crafts, Paper crafts  |  May 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment

Polymer Clay – an amazing and versatile material. From it you can make ornaments to decorate the interior, doing a variety of sculptures, dolls and more.
In this tutorial I will describe how to use elements made from polymer clay, you can make a nice postcard. Very often want to give someone something, they made themselves, because it shows how expensive they are to us!
In the lesson, I show the process of making cards!


Урок. Открытка своими руками.


For the work we need:

Smooth work surface. Since we cut the paper, it is necessary to enclose something that does not spoil the table. I have a special mat for cutting fabric and paper with centimeter markings, very convenient!

Stationery knife or razor blade. It is very important that the blade is sharp, so it does not vomit paper.

Scissors. Cut small parts, cut the ribbon.

Pencil. To chart the boundaries of cutting.

Line. Everything to be exactly and precisely!

Paper. There is a tremendous field for selecting! Now in stores before a huge selection of the most diverse of paper – all colors and textures! To work best to choose 2-3 leaves with a different texture and color.

Ribbons. They need to decorate the cards.

Harvesting of polymer clay. This is the element which is decorated with a card makes it interesting and unique. It can be done separately using silicone molds, and can be purchased ready-made a cameo with no background. You can do a variety of small parts by hand without the use of any form, it all depends on imagination and ideas!

Silicone molds you can purchase at our online store under “Forms” ,
and harvesting of plastics in the section “Cameos” .


1. I took a sheet of stiff paper with the texture of “flax” 15×20 cm This is the basis of cards.


2. Divide a sheet exactly in half and make barely noticeable incision through which a sheet must be folded in half. You can do a “cut” a long time not writing pen, you get a sunken groove in which the sheet can be easily bent.


3. Fold sheet in half on the fold line.


4. Here I applied the mold for polymer clay, and noted in pencil on the edges rounded off to the future cards. Of course, you can use a ruler and with the community, and compasses, and some cups, kolbachki, lids, if only the form has been smooth.


5. Cut edge of cards in pencil trace.


6. Next I take a sheet of green corrugated paper and cut out a rectangle 13h8, 5. It is necessary that the rectangle was smaller than the cards that we have formed 10×15 cm


7. In the same way as in previous times, round out the edge of the green rectangle. There are special punches that are easy to cut the edge, making it smooth and rounded, as well as different shaped hole punches, cut-off edge of the paper in different patterns.


8. Select a suitable ribbon on which card will tie.


9. Trying on the ribbon to the postcard.


10. Stick with the entire surface of the green rectangle on the back of double-sided tape.


11. Once the protective film is double-sided tape is removed, paste evenly and gently green rectangle right over the ribbon on the plane of cards and well pressed.

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

12. Here’s what happened!

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

13. Pick up items for the next step. This is a beautiful braid with gold pattern, which echoes the tone with a golden angel from polymer clay, as well as a rectangle of breast embossed 11h6, 5 cm

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

14. Glued ribbons on the back of double-sided tape.

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

15. Pasting ribbons on a small rectangle of paper with a milky white lettering.

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

16. Carefully bend the edges with the back of the sheet.

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

17. Stick with double-sided tape box with a ribbon on the back side.

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

18. Pasting a rectangle of paper tape to the plane of cards and well pressed.

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

19. I am pasting the following items on the super-glue, so they hold on tight!

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

20. Cut the ribbon, and pasting them in the form of a bow to the postcard. Here the bow of the bright ribbons of two colors – white and cream.

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

21. Pasting Amurchika to bow, well-lubricated pre-super-glue.

Урок. Открытка своими руками.

22. Card is ready! To sign, bow tie and give!

Урок. Открытка своими руками.


I wish you success and inspiration!


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