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Pinwheel paper tutorial, kids craft ideas

Kirigami, Making flower  |  August 8th 2011  |  0 Comment

How to make your child water meter for 10 minutes

Pinwheel paper tutorial,

kids craft ideas

between jobs quite a bit of free time and I decided to once again return to the topic of toys, turntables. In the previous version had some bugs (spicy cloves, low wind resistance, one-color) and, frankly, they did not let me rest. At the same time and was a plus (fixing of the kebab sticks), who wanted to leave. On two sheets of colored paper, print blank in thin lines. In fact, this simple box 180h180 mm. with crossed lines in the middle. Cut the sheets, there are patterns. With the office hole punch cut out the necessary mounting holes and just for beauty. Next, take an empty bar is my favorite of gel pens. It melts at one end of a cigarette lighter and pressed against a hard surface, to receive a round blyambochka. Then next to it flattens the rod with pliers. Take a 4 kebab sticks, slips between our core and flattened swathes of color on the occasion of the purchased duct tape. It turns out that’s such a construction. Blyambochka behind the bar does not fall out. Now everything is easy. Dress for harvesting stem crosswise and again melts the rod, so that they do not fall out. Side view. Due to this, the bulk of departure, sail a turntable just amazing! Well, a couple of species in the pastoral suburban surroundings. In the end, I want to say that the result exceeded all my expectations. Toy safe from all sides, and turns even without wind. Enough to take her wand, and raise it to rotate. In general, I’m Irina berry happy! Thank you!

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