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Pillowcase-style cushion cover, sewing pattern

Sewing  |  August 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

This is a tutorial for a really simple cushion cover. It’s really quick and easy to make (and cheap!) as it doesn’t require a zip - the cushion is inserted like a pillow into a pillowcase.

  1. Measure your cushion’s length and width. My cushion is a 35.5cm square but any rectangular cushion will work just as well – it doesn’t have to be square.
  2. This is the hardest part – working out the size of fabric you need. Add 2x the seam allowance to the width (I’m allowing 1cm for my seams, so I need a 37.5cm width). For the length, you’ll need twice the length of the cushion, plus a flap on one end, and a finished edge on the other.
    • I chose a big 12cm flap, so the cushion will always be well hidden inside the case. I also saved some work by cutting my fabric so the selvedge formed the edge of the flap. It saves having to finish another raw edge, and the edge of the flap will be hidden, so it doesn’t have to be very pretty. If you don’t use the selvedge, add a little extra to your flap so you can finish this edge in the same way as you’ll finish the other edge.
    • You’ll need a double fold on the other end, so add slightly more than twice your seam allowance (20mm for me, so I used 25mm).

    Okay, so my rectangle to cut is 85.5cm x 37.5cm. That’s the hard part over – promise! It’s all easy from here.

  3. Cut your fabric to the size you worked out. Here’s mine with the cushion for comparison.
  4. Now to finish the raw short edge on the right (the edge opposite the selvedge). Starting with the fabric face down, fold the edge over by half of the extra you added (12mm for me), and press in place. You may find it easier to pin the fold before pressing.
  5. Fold over by the same amount again, to trap the raw edge inside the fold. Press in place.
  6. Sew along the whole edge to keep the folds in place.
  7. Starting with the fabric right side up, with the selvedge at the top, bring the edge you have just finished up so the fabric has a fold at the bottom. Arrange it so that the length of the flap is uncovered by the second layer of fabric (see picture: 12cm of the right side of the fabric shows at the top; the fold is off the bottom of the picture):
  8. Fold the flap down over the top of the second layer. Pin along both sides of the cushion cover.
  9. Sew along each of the sides, from top to bottom.
  10. That’s it! Turn your new cushion cover inside out and press. Then insert your cushion and admire your handiwork!

Pillowcase-style cushion cover,

sewing pattern

Source: planetjune.com